Attain Alternatives Blog: Chart of the Week

14 Nov 2013

Chart of the Week: Bring on the Bitcoin Futures?

With the majority of major currencies being downplayed it’s hard to imagine little Bitcoin, a digital currency grabbing the currency headlines. In less than a month it’s gained around 210% percent…. The more interesting thing to us in the managed futures world, who are semi-starved for a trend, is looking at this parabolic trend in Bitcoin and wishing there were a futures market tracking it so our clients could participate.

05 Dec 2013

Chart of the Week: Sugar’s Lonely Mountain Pattern

When not watching a ‘market’ movie, you will likely find us in the sci fi or fantasy genre – so we’re pumped to see the 2nd installment of the Hobbit in a few weeks… which might explain why we’re starting to see Hobbit-like signs all over…. Take Sugar, for instance. We couldn’t help but feel that the Sugar chart looks an awful lot like the great dragon Smaug’s home – Lonely Mountain.