Category: Macro Commentary

13 Dec 2016

Crude Oil, a Contender?

We can’t help but look at Crude Oil recently and think of Marlon Brando saying – “I used to be Somebody.”  Although our memories aren’t as good as Google’s. Here’s the actual line:  “I could’a had class, I could’a been a contender, I could’a been somebody” In Crude Oil’s case… it’s not a could’a been, […]

06 Dec 2016

Everyone’s Banking on a Rate Hike

When the Federal Open Market Committee finally raised rates to the 0.25% to 0.50% last December, it was the first time in seven years. Indeed, the  fact that we just quote those minuscule rates and a range instead of fixed level shows just how different a rate environment we ended up in after those seven […]

28 Sep 2010

Newsletter: Invest like Harvard

Our Monday newsletter is up at, and while it covers how to get exposure to alternative investments in one’s retirement account, the content people will likely find most interesting are the stats surrounding the world’s largest endowment – Harvard University’s nearly $30 Billion endowment which is run like a fund of funds. They have […]

15 Nov 2010

Managed Futures amongst top asset classes YTD 2010

With the Dow Jones Credit Suisse Hedge Index October numbers being officially posted today, we’re able to update our YTD asst class scoreboard through the end of October…. and see the recent uptick in Managed Futures has pushed them towards the top of the board. Past Performance is Not Necessarily Indicative of Future Results Asset […]