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16 Mar 2017

Billionaire Investor, Millionaire Mistakes

If you’re looking for a case study of what a horrible idea it is to invest based on what billionaires invest in, look no further than Bill Ackman (head of Pershing Square Hedge Fund) and his disastrous Valeant trade. This week, Ackman finally got rid of his remaining Valeant shares, totaling roughly $4 Billion in […]

28 Feb 2017

Don’t Call it a Comeback – Part II

That’s why you invest in a process, not a track record. For now, it’s worth acknowledging and recognizing that drawdowns can end. That investors can be rewarded for investing in drawdowns, and that managers can pivot and improve without abandoning their roots and core beliefs about markets.

27 Feb 2017

Back To Backwardation for Crude?

One quick look at the Crude oil market over the past five years – it’s easy to see the development of a $8-dollar range that’s made it tough for most energy traders (here’s the exception) to find returns.  We mentioned in our recent 2017 Outlook that the Oil market is poised for a breakout either […]

13 Feb 2017

How Will Trump Affect the Global Macro / Managed Futures World?

Today, we published our 2017 Managed Futures/Global Macro Outlook, and there’s one rather ‘in the news’ figure we couldn’t help but analyze given his penchant for market moving tweets and what not.

Yes, It seems leaders in the industry are thinking Trump could very well, “Make Discretionary Marco Great Again.” The thought process is Managed Futures and Global Macro styles should expect….

01 Feb 2017

More of the Same

If you were hoping for some different market moves in 2017, better luck next month. It was more of the same in January, with the DJIA finally limping over the 20,000 mark and world stocks posting a +3.51% return (here’s the countries that make up “world stocks.” Meanwhile, Bonds, Real Estate, Hedge Funds, squeaked out […]

17 Jan 2017

4 Energy Traders you Won’t See on Bloomberg

It all started at the trail end of 2014. Crude Oil fell significantly below the $100 level and kept heading lower. About that time, a friend of a friend asked where he should turn to find a few interesting ways to play a “bounce” in Crude Oil. We obliged, writing “How to Play A Bounce in Crude […]