Category: Why Alternatives?

22 Mar 2017

Alternative Links: Human vs Robot

Only rarely — if at all — will the [outcomes] favour the continued employment of a man over a model of a man,” Technology outsmarts the human investor – (FT)   When an institution allocates to a momentum strategy in the hope of cushioning itself from stock market downdraughts it is really commissioning someone to […]

22 Feb 2017

Alternative Links: Bullish Oil Market

Forward prices for crude oil are signaling tightening supply for the first time since the market crashed in 2014. Oil Market Signal Turns Bullish for 1st Time Since Crash – (Bloomberg)   Investors can look to managed futures funds to help reduce their exposure to risk. It is the transparency and liquidity that make active […]

16 Feb 2017

RCM Alternatives Wins Best Introducing Broker Fourth Year in a Row

If you’ve been spent any time on the RCM Alternatives website as of late, you might have noticed things look a little different. We’re talking about a completely fresh look, designed purely with the idea of making it as user friendly as possible for potential investors to find an alternative investment research, stats, and a […]

13 Feb 2017

How Will Trump Affect the Global Macro / Managed Futures World?

Today, we published our 2017 Managed Futures/Global Macro Outlook, and there’s one rather ‘in the news’ figure we couldn’t help but analyze given his penchant for market moving tweets and what not.

Yes, It seems leaders in the industry are thinking Trump could very well, “Make Discretionary Marco Great Again.” The thought process is Managed Futures and Global Macro styles should expect….