Category: Why Alternatives?

16 Feb 2017

RCM Alternatives Wins Best Introducing Broker Fourth Year in a Row

If you’ve been spent any time on the RCM Alternatives website as of late, you might have noticed things look a little different. We’re talking about a completely fresh look, designed purely with the idea of making it as user friendly as possible for potential investors to find an alternative investment research, stats, and a […]

13 Feb 2017

How Will Trump Affect the Global Macro / Managed Futures World?

Today, we published our 2017 Managed Futures/Global Macro Outlook, and there’s one rather ‘in the news’ figure we couldn’t help but analyze given his penchant for market moving tweets and what not.

Yes, It seems leaders in the industry are thinking Trump could very well, “Make Discretionary Marco Great Again.” The thought process is Managed Futures and Global Macro styles should expect….

08 Feb 2017

If Ed Thorpe was a Legend, What’s that Make these guys?

Ed Thorpe is a legend in the Hedge Fund / Managed Futures / Global Macro space, but it’s not every day he gets the spotlight in today’s Dow 20,000 meme filled clutter that is financial blogging. That changed recently, however, when one of the bloggers for Ritholtz Wealth Management (Michael Batnick) outlined Thorpe’s backstory and […]

08 Feb 2017

Alternative Links: FXCM Banned

FXCM has been banned from operating in the U.S. after the Commodity Futures Trading Commission found the retail currency broker had an undisclosed interest in the market maker that consistently “won” the largest share of FXCM’s trading volume – and thus was taking positions opposite its retail customers. FXCM banned by CFTC after taking positions […]

18 Jan 2017

Alternative Links: The Fiduciary Rule

A “fiduciary duty” is the highest standard of care recognized in American law. Among other things it means that you must act solely in the best interest of the client at all times.” Cliff Asness – Caveat Investor? The “Fiduciary Rule” and Unintended Consequences – (ValueWalk)   The well-known “crisis alpha” characteristics of trend-following strategies […]

11 Jan 2017

Alternative Links: Scapegoats

As AQR sees it, computer-driven funds are just scapegoats in a doomed quest to explain jarring market movements. Topping the enemies list is JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Kolanovic, viewed by many as a gnomic visionary after calling an equity rout in the summer of 2015, blaming forced selling by automated funds. Wall Street’s Most Famous […]

19 Dec 2016

Commodity ETFs are a Bad Long Term Bet – Duh

For what seems to be the first time in what we can tell, there are other people out there warning investors of the dangers of Commodity ETFs. This week, the Financial Times beatifically outlined one of the many issues with these sort of products, such as $USO, $UNG, and $CORN. Investors have learnt the hard way […]

08 Dec 2016

Where is all the Managed Futures Money Going?

If you were to ask for the growth of Managed Futures assets in 2015, you might get different answers depending on who you ask. Barclayhedge will tell you $8.5 Billion, we think that number is more about $10.5 Billion, and a third party recently made the claim of as high as $30 Billion at a […]