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13 Oct 2011

Behind Enemy Lines?

It’s hard to work in finance and ignore the Occupy movements. In Chicago, the participants march past our offices on a regular basis. The whispers and rumors of some of the supposed policy proposals could have wide-sweeping consequences for the financial sector as a whole if realized. Much of the press and government have expressed […]

14 Jan 2013

Good Reason to Be Nervous?

There’s a lot of economic data floating around right now, providing mixed signals on growth or prolonged stagnation, but the story that matters to us right now is the debt ceiling. The U.S. is set to hit the debt ceiling mid-February, and as it stands, there are enough factors combining to make us very anxious about what that means for the market.

29 Jan 2014

Natural Gas Volatility Exploding

Well, not too long after we discussed the recent contraction in volatility across managed futures, everyone’s favorite energy as of late, Natural Gas, has done just that sort of volatility uncoiling, with the 3 day Average True Range jumping about 200% in the last week! That’s swings of about $5,600 per contract on average the past few days, levels not seen since back in the volatility hay day of 2008/2009.