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Set Phasers to Stocks+Discretionary Global Macro – with Dynamic Alpha

Published 02/22/24 by rcm-alternatives

From NASA to Star Trek, Brad Barrie and David Johnson of @DynamicAlphaSol discuss how their shared interests inspired the development of their diversified mutual fund, which blends equity exposure with discretionary global macro allocations. They explain how this approach seeks to provide smoother returns through non-correlated exposures. Brad and David also delve into their backgrounds […]

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Miami Hedge Fund week panel 2024 – Commodities: Outlook on Prices, Volatility, and Portfolio Diversification

Published 02/15/24 by rcm-alternatives

This packed panel discussion featuring Tim Pickering (Auspice), Brent Belote (Cayler Capital), Gerardo Tarricone (Arion) and Derek Stroke (Equanimity Advisors) focused on commodities as diversifiers and opportunities in commodity trading and investing. Our panelists discussed topics like the reliability of commodities in portfolios, ESG factors, the potential for a commodity supercycle, and educating the next […]

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Advanced Hedge Fund Replication with the Top Down – riding diverse ETF modeling flows with DBi’s Andrew Beer

Published 02/8/24 by rcm-alternatives

We’re thrilled to kick off another season of The Derivative Podcast. Our first episode finds us going into the lion’s den so to speak, finding out just what all our past and future hedge fund running guests have to fear from replication specialist Andrew Beer (@andrewdbeer1), of the successful DBMF managed futures ETF. From the […]

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Marrying Fundamental Factors into Commodity Quant with Patrik Safvenblad of VOLT CM

Published 11/16/23 by rcm-alternatives

Thanksgiving is just a week away in the US, marking the end of an excellent year for The Derivative and we’re inviting you to join us at the podcast table for a bountiful episode delving into the unique flavors of managed futures and fundamental expertise. As we carve into the Thanksgiving spirit, The Derivative is […]

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A brief history of Corn, food co-valuations, GMO vs non-GMO, and a guacable chip with Zack’s Mighty founder Zack Gazzaniga

Published 11/9/23 by rcm-alternatives

Get ready to savor an episode of The Derivative that’s anything but run-of-the-(corn) mill, featuring a guest who’s serving up some fresh and unconventional perspectives. That’s right, we’re delving into the heart of the snack world where the notion of sturdy, thick chips and delicate, thin chips is more than meets the eye. Prepare to […]

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A Philly Alts Steak: Talking Commodities, Stacking, and Systematic with Auspice, Newfound & Campbell

Published 09/28/23 by rcm-alternatives

Philadelphia is renowned for various iconic symbols, including the Liberty Bell, Rocky Balboa, the famous Philly cheesesteak, and, most recently, RCM’s Live Panel Discussion “Is 60/40 Dead? Can Alternatives Fill the Void?” This engaging panel discussion features industry leaders Tim Pickering @AuspiceTim, Corey Hoffstein @choffstein, and Brian Meloon, with the insightful Kevin Davitt giving an […]

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Opportunities in Option Mutual Funds with Russ Kellites

Published 09/21/23 by rcm-alternatives

In the ever-evolving world of finance, change is the only constant. Like the shifting tides of the market, options trading has transformed from monthly expirations to weekly and even daily strikes. It’s like going from a leisurely stroll to a thrilling daily marathon in the world of trading. Alongside these shifts, hedging strategies have also […]

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Long/Short Commodities with Emil van Essen & Bryan Kiernan of Katonah/EVE

Published 09/14/23 by rcm-alternatives

From front-running commodity index rolls to trading spreads, we’re taking you on a bit of a historic journey with Emil Van Essen and Bryan Kiernan of Katonah Eve. Join us as we explore the evolution of their strategies and firm, while talking the world of commodities. In this episode, we’ll uncover the evolution of Katonah […]

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Portfolios of Power Futures with AMPD ETF’s Tim Kramer

Published 08/31/23 by rcm-alternatives

Is electricity a commodity?  If not, why not? If so, how do you get exposure with the demand for electricity set to possibly outstrip the world’s forthcoming technological advancements.  Join us on a high-energy episode of The Derivative by RCM Alternatives for an in-depth exploration of “Electrifying America” with Timothy Kramer, a seasoned energy and […]

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The World of Equity Hedging, Part II with Jason Buck

Published 07/13/23 by rcm-alternatives

Jason Buck (@jasoncbuck) is back in this follow-up, Part II episode rehashing all the goings on at Global EQD ’23;  and he’s continuing the conversation on equity market hedging, not to mention interest rate, currency, and more hedging – plus volatility markets and investment strategies with host Jeff Malec (@AttainCap2).    Jason and Jeff discuss […]

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