RCM-X’s futures execution algorithms are designed, back tested, and deployed via Strategy Studio, a high performance C++ trading platform used by sophisticated low latency trading firms. Recent expansion into multi-market futures execution follows years of technological improvement in this software by the RCM-X team, and first hand experience creating custom algorithms for speed and market impact sensitive traders.


Our curated collections of top ranked fund managers are like playlists for investments, with the funds following certain themes hand selected by our seasoned pros to meet the needs of our valued clients. View the top performing programs this year, best energy traders, top option programs, and more here:

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Lime Strategies (Software)

Lime Strategy Studio is a software suite for developing, testing, and deploying multi-asset class automated trading strategies. Our unique framework offers the extremely low latency architecture, the rich interface, and the flexible connectivity for developing, testing, and deploying sophisticated automated trading strategies.

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About RCM


RCM-X provides trading technology and risk management tools/services to the professional trading/investment management space, with a deep focus and expertise in the creation, maintenance, and customization of algorithmic execution, via an acquisition of the Lime Strategy Studio ("LSS") technology and algorithm library in conjunction with RCM Alternatives in July 2017.



The RCM-X Algo team is led by Managing Partner - Joseph Signorelli, CIO/Head of Algorithmic Trading - David Don, and Head of Sales - Mike Auffman, with a team of 10 engineers and a 6 person 24hr support desk exhibiting deep experience creating custom algorithms for prop trading firms and other speed and market impact sensitive traders.
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RCM Alternatives (“RCM”) is a registered commodity brokerage firm which helps investors identify and access top alternative investments focused in commodities and managed futures; in addition to assisting investment firms such as hedge funds, commodity trading advisors, and mutual funds set up and efficiently access markets around the world.


Features Include

Low latency feedhandling & colocation improve order priority and fill rates, avoiding losing ground on pricing accuracy to high frequency traders
Advanced, contract specific volume forecasts to account for liquidity differences across the futures curve
The ability to custom code client specific algorithms across a wide variety of parameters
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A full suite of algorithms built by a team with broad experience in quantitative asset management, trading technology, and implementing low latency strategies
Production orders continuously mirrored to a tick-by-tick simulation environment, to monitor alignment of research and development with real life fill quality



Slow to exchange results in missed bids/offers, and the need to resubmit orders


Slow to process data results in missed opportunity to move orders to better prices


Custom Algorithms

The RCM-X team actively engages with clients to customize algorithms to meet their needs, fine tuning algos, especially in the futures space, per product to incorporate:

Contract specific volume forecasts
Product specific matching engine charateristics
Additional parameter inputs & settings
Streamlined API & ability to tune on the fly