16 Nov 2010

Newsletter: Analyzing the Strategic ES/SP Trading System Drawdown

Our weekly newsletter is up at http://bit.ly/cARoV4 We cover the recent new max drawdown in the Strategic ES/SP trading system, analyzing whether the systems remains within historical risk parameters. (it is..) Of interest in the piece is a chart posted on Barry Ritholtz’s blog showing the American Association of Individual Investors survey, which tracks whether […]

30 Nov 2010

Managed Futures/Trading Systems Week in Review

We took the liberty of extending the Thanksgiving holiday through yesterday for our research team, resulting in no Monday newsletter this week. But we actually did do the week in review write up as if there were a newsletter, and are happy to share it with you here: Summary: With only two day’s remaining in […]

15 Nov 2011

Putting Trading System Filters to the Test

Nobody likes to lose… least of all us. Don’t get us wrong- we know that drawdowns are a part of the game when investing in a trading system, but that doesn’t mean we have to be content to stare those losses in the eye. As such, we’re constantly looking for ways to minimize losses and […]


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