11 Jan 2012

Managed Futures and the ETF Revolution

In case you missed it, PIMCO- bulwark of the mutual fund sect- is aligning with the enemy. Via Reuters: Pacific Investment Management Co has received approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission to launch its total return exchange-traded fund on March 1, Pimco said on its website.. The company announced plans last year for the […]

12 Jan 2012

Risk On/Risk Off: The Rollercoaster in Pictures

In reflecting on 2011 and the great risk on/risk off dialogue, we began to consider our own contributions to the conversation. The isolation of a day as being risk on or risk off in our publications had been far from scientific. Deriving inspiration from Oliver Wendell Holmes, we never attempted to define what made a […]

20 Jan 2012

The Quiet Before the Storm?

It’s been quiet so far in 2012. Too quiet, if you ask us. Perhaps our complaints sound hollow in light of the recent credit downgrades and the political fireworks stateside, but  the markets simply aren’t providing the entertainment we’d grown accustomed to in 2011. Not convinced? See what we mean? Where are those big monthly […]

23 Jan 2012

The Manager Selection Conundrum Solution

Barry Ritholtz recently posed an interesting question to a group of family offices during a presentation he made: “Who is good at picking Hedge fund managers? Who amongst you has the ability to consistently evaluate managers who then outperform over time?” In light of 2011’s subpar performance across the hedge fund universe (and in managed […]

24 Jan 2012

Managed Futures 2012 Outlook / 2011 Review

You’ve gotten it from everywhere else- the hot shot managers, institutional titans and talking heads on CNBC have all weighed in on where they think 2012 will take investors. Now, it’s our turn in what has become our most read newsletter – the annual Attain Capital look back/peer forward – the 2012 Managed Futures Outlook […]


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