Farm Software


Organize production plans, budget and cash flow


Track marketing, including cash, futures, and options, current markets are updated daily


Stress test with the ``What-if Analyzer``


Streamlined reports provide financial clarity

Micro-manage production by inputting estimated production yields field-by-field


  • Track over 60 grain and cash crops

Cotton, livestock, corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, sunflowers, peanuts, and more


  • Beef

Finish, background, cow/calf

  • Hogs


  • Dairy

Milk production

Crop Insurance

  • Integrate specific crop insurance by whole farm, field-by-field
  • USDA prices are imported to establish guaranteed bushels and revenue
  • Guaranteed bushels are incorporated into cash marketing


  • Customized Planning Tool

Fixed and variable expenses

Off-farm income

Break-even analysis

  • Establish benchmarks return
  • Estimates to actuals
  • Establish and market to profit goals


  • Planning

Detailed budget analysis

Cash flow summary

  • Risk Management

Profit analysis

Revenue summary

  • Bank Templates

Auto-filled reports to show lender

Integrate directly with bank upon request

Manage Marketing & Hedges

Manage Cash Sales

  • % Sold vs unsold
  • Contract Type
  • Delivery
  • Sort, filter & print

Track Futures & Options

  • Auto import hedge trades
  • Calculate % hedged
  • Group by strategy
  • Daily marked to market P&L

What-If Matrix stress test

  • Run on-demand scenarios including futures, yield and insurance projections
  • Understand the value of crop insurance and protection
  • Visually see market changes and affect on overall cash and brokerage positions
  • Create financial clarity amidst multiple unknowns