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13 Jan 2017

Weekend Reads: 45% With No Savings

The firm expects the correlation between equities and bonds to turn positive in coming years, which means it’d be tougher to get foolproof diversification by reallocating between the two asset classes. Now Bernstein is warning about passive *asset allocation* decisions, too – (FT Alphaville)   Gundlach thinks that earnings will go up, but “with an […]

04 Oct 2013

3 Reasons XLE isn’t the Inflation Hedge you’re looking for

We’re not regular readers of the Seattle times, but when a client saw managed futures mentioned in a recent Q&A in the investing section – they pointed us to the piece… The reader says they were considering investing in managed futures, but wanted the columnists’ advice first. The columnist responds by stating that managed accounts are only good for managers and not for anyone else, instead suggesting investing in the XLE energy based ETF. Let’s take a look at a side by side comparison to see which one is better, shall we?

21 Nov 2013

Chart of the Week: Everyone Else’s 401K Stock Funds Allocation

With markets at all time highs, have you ever wondered how much of other people’s portfolios are truly dedicated to U.S. Equities? Not only that, but how portfolio allocation to stocks compares to the last 13 years? You’d think it would be at all-time highs with the way stocks are going. Lucky for us, J. Lyons Fund Management has just the chart.