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13 Oct 2011

Behind Enemy Lines?

It’s hard to work in finance and ignore the Occupy movements. In Chicago, the participants march past our offices on a regular basis. The whispers and rumors of some of the supposed policy proposals could have wide-sweeping consequences for the financial sector as a whole if realized. Much of the press and government have expressed […]

24 Oct 2011

Margin Call- Worth the Risk Capital

From the minute we heard about the new movie Margin Call, we knew we’d be reviewing it (lots of movie buffs in the Attain offices), but with the New Yorker calling Margin Call “easily the best Wall Street movie ever made,” we were curious about how those involved in the film felt about what they’d […]

17 Dec 2012

Too Big to Govern?

Following the 2008 crisis, there was a guttural outcry from the public, demanding that the so-called “banksters” be brought to justice. Much to their chagrin, repercussions for those making the decisions that brought the economy to its knees have been few and far between. At the time, the general excuse was that, while many of these figures had made decisions that could be characterized as unethical, they were not criminal decisions in nature. But today, we have to come to terms with the fact that even when a law is broken, the banksters are still above the law.