Asset Managers, Hedge Funds & CTAs

RCM Facts

  • FOUNDED: 2002
  • Best Introducing Broker Award: 2014, 2015 & 2016
  • Over $4.5 Billion in customer assets utilizing firm’s services
  • OFFICES: Columbus, Las Vegas, Madrid, Memphis, Nashville, Netherlands
  • CLIENTS: HNWI, RIAs, Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds

What we Do for Managers:

RCM works with CTAs, CPOs, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, and FoFs to streamline their operations and grow their assets under management; facilitating Multi-FCM Clearing & Execution Solutions, Strategic Capital Introductions and Fund Startup and Operations Outsourcing.

Multi-FCM Clearing

With FCM consolidation and new regulations, navigating the “here one day/gone the next” abilities of FCMs is complex. Our team simplifies the process, syncing your needs with the abilities of multiple FCMs (mixing and matching capacity, market coverage, credit ratings, and more) to create a custom, cost effective solution across FCMs, replacing the multiple contacts and layers of bureaucracy at FCMs with a single point of contact at RCM to manage it all.

Multi-Platform 24-Hr Execution

Hand in hand with multiple avenues for clearing comes access to customized trade execution services and electronic platforms across FCMs, mixing and matching your needs with platform and vendor abilities to make the execution of your trades a true strength. This includes API and FIX connectivity expertise and direct access to an in house, centrally located 24 hr execution desk for voice, email, IM and spread sheet orders for markets across the globe/around the clock; in addition to account breakdowns setup across numerous front-end platforms, reconciliation reports, and more.

Strategic Cap Intro

Our popular blog, email, and live events educational platform is designed to bring new entrants into the alternative investment space, while presenting managers we work with to clients and potential clients across HNWI, family office, and fund of funds; with select programs promoted to direct marketing via one-on-one presentations to select clients, roadshows and events.

Fund Outsourcing

We help remove the costs, complexity, compliance, and overall burden of starting up or running a fund, while letting you keep the benefits of being the manager; by taking on the creation of all documents, and plug-in to pre-vetted admin, audit and legal service providers at discounted rates, with all NFA matters, regulatory filings, and compliance matters handled by our team.