High Net Worth Investors

Use our online tools and experienced team to access the futures markets your way.

Whether it’s investments in professional managed futures programs, direct access to trading via online platforms and experienced brokers, or using state of the art automated trading system technology – RCM has you covered:

Managed Futures Investments

Use our online tools and experienced team to identify talent from our list of vetted investments, then tell us to ‘GO’ – and our team walks through the account opening and advisory agreements, instructing the investment manager to begin and setting up reporting tools for you to follow the performance each day. Best of all, there’s no add-on fees or additional cost to you.

What are Managed Futures?

Managed Futures are alternative investments which rely on professional investment managers known as Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs), who specialize in trading exchange traded futures contracts both long and short in markets across the world.

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Futures Brokerage

RCM provides complete brokerage services for all your commodity trading needs, offering Full Service Futures Brokerage, Self-directed Service, Online/Mobile Trading, and Multi-FCM Clearing & Execution for Professional Traders.

With a staff of experienced brokers, we provide access to customized trade execution and electronic platforms, API and FIX connectivity, industry research from a wide variety of sources, and mobile trading.

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AG Hedging & Trading

RCM works with a wide variety of participants in the grain, oilseed, and livestock marketplaces, realizing farmers and land owners in the Agriculture space have special needs. Our experienced hedging and Ag trader team have been working through crop marketing, hedge timing, and other solutions with clients for years, offering:

  • Market Commentary & Research
  • Detailed Crop Marketing & Hedge Plans
  • Production Estimate & Cash Position Reporting
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Automated Trading Systems

The Automated Trading system platform is a revolutionary change in how investors access, monitor, and invest in futures markets; akin to an ‘app store’ for browsing, buying, and accessing professionally developed trading algorithms.

Automated Trading Systems Benefits:

  • No Emotions
  • Back Tested
  • Forward Tested
  • Real Money Fills
  • Fully Automated
  • Diversified
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