10 Jul 2024

Quantamental Commodity Trading 101: The What and How

Commodity trading in the futures markets has long been defined by one of two paths.  1. Discretionary Fundamental Trading  2. Systematic Trend Following  But lately, we’re seeing more and more CTAs take a newer third path to commodity trading: quantamental trading. What is Quantamental Commodity Trading? Quantamental commodity trading is a portmanteau that combines the […]

27 Jun 2024

Volatility Vultures: Hunting for Options Talent with Gary Selz of Zero Delta

In this episode of the Derivative we chat with Gary Selz @SelzGary, CIO and co-portfolio manager of Zero Delta Funds. Gary shares his background growing up in Chicago and studying electrical engineering at Northwestern University. He discovered options trading through a financial engineering course and was introduced to a Chicago prop trading firm. Gary discusses […]

20 Jun 2024

Carry On: Demystifying the Carry Trade with Rodrigo Gordillo & Adam Butler of ReSolve

We’re back! Today’s podcast features The Derivative show stoppers Rodrigo Gordillo @RodGordilloP and Adam Butler @GestaltU of ReSolve Asset Management @InvestReSolve discussing the carry trade and its applications in investment strategies. They begin by explaining what the carry trade is and discussing common misconceptions around it. They then dive into different types of carry that can […]

12 Jun 2024
Markets, RCM Alternatives, Asset Class

Asset Class Scoreboard: May 2024

In May, most asset classes rebounded after April’s pullback: U.S. stocks led the way, with the S&P 500 gaining an impressive +5.06% as corporate earnings showed resilience. Real estate also recovered, with the IYR index climbing +4.93% as lower mortgage rates renewed demand. International shares participated in the rally, rising +3.95%. Bonds stabilized, with the […]


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