Institutional Investors

Let’s build a great Managed Futures portfolio together.

Institutional investors employ RCM to source and structure global macro and managed futures investments; fitting their unique mandates and risk/return profile needs to investments, structures, and clearing relationships which deliver on those needs.

Allocation Considerations

Our discovery process aims to find what type of asset class exposure is desired (i.e. crisis period or absolute return; systematic or discretionary, etc.), with manager identification and selection done via filtering the universe of managers via our proprietary ranking algorithm before performing one on one meetings and “real-time due diligence” where we analyze daily trading; culminating in a portfolio of managers best suited to fit the mandates and performance profile of the investor.

Account Logistics

We eschew a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to structuring the investment in favor of a consultative approach where we work with clients to find solutions that work for them. These include dedicated managed accounts, custom funds, managed account platforms, and separately managed account structures. The choice of clearing firms considers the investors requirements for credit rating, balance sheet, and more; while consideration is given to smart collateral options via already owned cash equivalents.

Our Philosophy

We believe alternative investments can provide needed diversification and return amplification, but that not all alternatives are up to the task, with better results achieved through allocating to multiple “right-sized” managers with meaningful commodity exposure across different markets, trading strategies, and time frames.

Research & Education

We believe education means more than just a glossy brochure showing how managed futures is non correlated to the stock market. We believe it means ongoing analysis of what’s happening now, not just what happened over the past decade. In that vein, we provide daily research and commentary via our popular ‘Attain Alternatives’ blog covering all things alternative investments, as well as periodic white papers digging deeper into topics, guest posts by fund managers, and detailed client specific reports reporting on the how and why components of their portfolio performed.