Our Team

Delivering great customer service and investment performance is what drives RCM’s growth and success. Our firm cannot deliver upon that promise without the total dedication and support of an incredibly talented staff. We are proud of our people and all that they contribute to not only our business, but more importantly, to our client’s ongoing interests.

  • Bobby Schwartz
    Managing Partner
  • Tammy Sullivan
    Managing Director & Partner
  • Paul Rieger
    Managing Director & Partner
  • Jeff Malec
    Managing Director & Partner
  • Ed Sweeney
  • Thomas Chlada
    Managing Director of PTG Services
  • Jeff Eizenberg
    Executive Director
  • Matthew Bradbard
  • Walter Gallwas
    Managing Director
  • John Cummings
    Director / Research
  • Doug Bergman
    Director of Ag Services
  • Wayne Wei
    APAC Consultant
  • Tom Chavez
  • Rick Surowiec
    Futures Options Specialist
  • Gordon Lu
    Quantitative Analyst - Asia-Pacific
  • Bob Miller
    Portfolio Advisor
  • Colson Hauser
    Portfolio Advisor
  • Steve Hansen
    Portfolio Advisor
  • Paul Roussos
    Portfolio Advisor
  • David Bedford
    Branch Manager (Cameron Park, CA)
  • Tracy Christie
    Administrative Director
  • Lauren Berliner
    Director of Client Relations
  • Jack Malone
    Compliance Officer
  • Jeff Burger
    Senior Associate / Graphic Designer
  • Brady Lawrence
    Agriculture Specialist
  • Joni Bonner
    New Accounts (Geneva Branch)
  • Chris Zitlow
    Executive Director of Execution Services
  • Bob Schroeder
    Managing Director of Execution
  • Roger Welp
  • Kett Carr
  • Joe Signorelli
    Managing Partner
  • David Don
    COO/Head of Algorithmic Trading RCM-X
  • Tara Begeman
    Managing Director of Risk Services
  • Mike Aufmann
    Executive Director
  • Hector Robles
    Executive Director of Execution Products
  • Garret Hamby
  • Sachin Jog
    Director of Algorithmic Trading
  • Matthew Racine
  • Jake Bax
    Director of Business Development
  • Chris Homa
    Senior Developer
  • Nate Pawelczyk
    Senior Developer
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    What We Do
    We build great Managed Futures portfolios with clients looking to access the managed futures space in a meaningful way. That’s been our specialty for more than a decade, with our experienced team up to the challenge of finding unique managers to fit unique needs.