Hedging & Ag Trading

Hedging & Ag Trading

RCM works with a wide variety of participants in the grain, oilseed, and livestock marketplaces. We provide hedging solutions to commodity users and producers ranging from traditional futures hedging to advanced option and OTC structures, while supplying customers with timely market-moving information to help execute sound risk management strategies and monitor our customers’ bottom lines.

Farmers and producers in the Agriculture space have special needs that our experienced Hedging/Ag Trader team have been working through with clients for years. Improve your marketing strategy by making use of RCM’s market analysis and discussing hedge solutions with our experienced agricultural brokers.

Our Ag/Hedge services include:

  • Help with laying out a detailed crop marketing/crop hedging plan.
  • Access to software that allows for production estimates to be updated as the growing season progresses.
  • Cash position monitoring with futures and options on futures positions presented in one location.
  • Access to timely P&L estimates which is important for lender communication.
  • Use forward-looking “what if” scenarios to anticipate margin requirements and ensure adequate funding to maintain hedges.


Commodity Markets Covered

Corn Soybeans Soft Red Winter Wheat
Hard Red Winter Wheat Hard Red Spring Wheat Cotton
Rough Rice Oats Canola
Lean Hogs Live Cattle Feeder Cattle

Don’t have actual hedging needs, just speculating on the Ag markets? No worries. We understand that dynamic extremely well, with multiple professional traders utilizing our professional team for market commentary, research, and order execution as they place trades in the Ag markets.


Stay on top of all of the news affecting today’s corn, soybean, and wheat markets with RCM Ag Services. Doug’s daily grainresearch offers a balanced approach to fundamental and technical analysis. The grain research package include the following THREE daily reports:

– MORNING GRAIN WIRE at 8 a.m. (Chicago time) provides an overview of any new market-moving information from the overnight as well as key weather developments, analysis of USDA reports, opening calls, and an outlook on the day’s trading session.

– GRAINS MIDDAY at 11 a.m. gives a brief update on the trading day up to that point and an outlook on the day’s trading session.

– GRAINS TECHNICAL UPDATE at 3 p.m. provides a recap of the trading day as well as technical analysis and trade recommendations.