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16 Aug 2011

No more Euro Stoxx shorting via futures?

As the Euro Debt Crisis deepens, France, Belgium, Italy and Spain have all taken the seemingly last ditch effort of banning short sales of their stocks and other stock related items…. That last part is the kicker for those of us in the managed futures world. Would these bans impact futures contracts for the indices […]

06 Sep 2011

Fancy a gamble? Try Greece on for size…

Throw away all of your Forex trading dreams, trading schools promising big returns, and investment guru newsletters – there is now a real way to make 50% per year. Greek Bonds.   That’s right, you don’t need all of that junk, you can just loan money to the Greek government for two years at the […]

18 Oct 2011

Europe Spurning the Short Sale

Back in August, we shook our heads as European leaders put a ban on shorting European stocks– and the whole world of futures scrambled to find out just how limited they would be (their market are down about 4.2% since that ban, by the way- though past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results). […]

15 May 2012

The Why Alternatives? Wrap Up

Last week’s flurry of conference activity was full of great insights from many clever people. Now that we’ve had a few days to recover, we decided to paint a bigger picture – what were the common themes we heard throughout the week?

05 Jun 2012

June 2012: Make or Break for Managed Futures

Our weekly newsletter is up, and we’re looking forward again. This time, our glass-half-empty side is considering what could go wrong this month, and the consequences for managed futures as an asset class should the worst-case scenario come to pass…