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20 May 2021

WTF ^%$# is Happening With Crypto??

We’re talking with two ‘in the crypto weeds’ traders/asset managers, Ben and Gary, about crypto’s -30% one day drop, coinbase, the most surprising (& scariest) things about the recent crypto crash, size and action in futures, options, and non-futures, “what if” bitcoin had blown up, the right to a free market, bitcoin as beta?, new […]

04 May 2021

The Jedi of Volatility Trading

Happy May the 4th everyone. (&TLDR, we mashed up Star Wars and VolTwit in an infographic, see here)   That’s Happy Star Wars Day to those not in the know. As in ‘May the 4th be with You!’  If you’ve been following along with the Derivative Podcast this past year, you’ll have noticed we had […]

15 Apr 2021

The Top Podcasts, Blogs, and Videos with Cem Karsan

We’re not above admitting that we have fangirled over a few of our favorite fintwitters (and we know that we’re not alone in that). But it’s not without merit; take for instance Cem Karsan (or you may know him as @jam_croissant). He’s the leading voice on all things Vanna, Volatility, and meme responses. But we’ve […]