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31 Dec 2020

Butler and Buck Back to Bookend 2020

We’ve already covered the first three months of 2020 with Part I of our 2020 review. We’re now heading into Part II with Jason Buck, CIO at Mutiny Fund and Adam Butler, CIO at ReSolve Asset Management discussing how the fall out of the first three months of 2020 dictated the ending 3/4 of the […]

30 Dec 2020

10 Most Popular Episodes of The Derivative

There’s something like 1.5 million podcasts available out in the universe – so we were slightly aware of the undertaking of starting our podcast in 2020. But per usual, black swan events (aka coronavirus) kickflipped our in-person interviews to video calls and zoom meetings. Alas, we prevailed, and created a product we’re pretty darn proud […]

10 Dec 2020

Cover to Trend Legend Cover with Michael Covel

It’s hard to get too far into the words Trend Following without running into the name Michael Covel. If you’ve ever looked into the strategy type, his name is there. From speeches to his many books, the aptly named Trend Following Radio and his trend following twitter thread, Michael has been digging into the philosophy […]

10 Nov 2020

10 Options Definitions You Need to Know

If you’ve been seeing a lot of tweets and other social media mentioning things like GEX, Vanna, Fixed Strike Vol, and more – but have been left scratching your head a bit to keep all these ‘inside baseball’ terms straight – don’t worry. We’ve equated options trading to an ever-changing three-dimensional chess board with flying […]