Tag: Gold Futures

17 Sep 2010

5 points to consider with Gold at New all time highs in (in USD)

A few interesting things to note about Gold’s climb above $1,283/oz today to a new all time high. 1) This isn’t as crowded a trade as you would expect in managed futures, with only Accela, APA, Auctos, Covenant, and (going long yesterday) Clarke Worldwide –  the managers we follow with long positions. (only about 30% […]

08 Nov 2010

Dollar Up, Commodities Up?

While one day does not make a trend – it was interesting to note the interesting pattern today of Gold (and other commodities such as Coffee, Cotton, Corn, Sugar, Wheat) rallying in the face of a rally in the US Dollar.  The reasoning is that Euro Zone debt problems are surfacing again…. Greeks Credit Default […]

19 Nov 2010

CTAs Keeping a Close Eye on Margin Requirements

Could part of the recent sell off (excluding yesterday) in commodity markets be related to increases in margin requirements? We have seen a very volatile month of trading across commodity exchanges around the world, and exchanges have responded by aggressively raising margins. Some might say they are trying to curb speculation…. but exchanges like ICE […]

06 Dec 2010

That was fast…new 2010 highs for some commodities

That was fast…. After a sharp commodity sell off mid November from annual highs, last week saw several markets push back above their early November high points. Palladium started the ball rolling on Thursday (putting in a high 25% above its low just 12 trading days ago), followed by Silver, Gold, Crude Oil, Heating Oil, […]

13 Dec 2010

Miscellaneous Managed Futures Reads

Some interesting articles we’re reading to open up the week: 1.  Death of LaSalle St. From Emily Lambert on the Forbes blog, we learn that the Chicago futures exchanges may have ‘sold out’ to the large NY banks after fighting the good fight for so long in the exchange based vs. over the counter derivatives […]

31 Dec 2010

Palladium (+95%), Sugar (+92%) top 2010 commodities performers

With most markets having closed at noon (CST) today ahead of the New Year’s Eve celebration in the US, we’re able to take a sneak peak at the 2010 performance of 40 different futures markets via our favorite quote site: Finviz.com.  Their list is a nice cross section of markets including stocks (5), energy (3), […]

24 Jan 2011

Time to exit the long gold trade?

With Gold crossing below its 100  day moving average last week (after crossing below the 80 day the week before, and 50 day the week before that), some managed futures prorgams we track were seen exiting long positions in the metal. With Gold having gone nearly three months now without making a new high, a […]

02 Feb 2011

Managed Futures down -1.58% in January

As we continue to get snow here in Chicago – closing in on 20 inches in past 24 hours – we can report that managed futures started out 2011 with a whimper… posting a return of -1.58% according to the Newedge CTA index.  Let’s hope there’s no January effect for managed futures as there is […]

03 Feb 2011

Gold reversal higher a mixed bag for managed futures

Interesting day today, with the US Dollar rally over 1%  sending grains and Sugar (-9%) off their recent multi-year highs…But Gold and Silver bucking the trend and rising about +1.5% despite the strong dollar, meaning the Gold rally is even more pronounced in a currency such as the Euro (down -1.5%). The pop up in […]