For investors

We build great investment portfolios with clients looking to access
the Managed Futures space in a meaningful way. That’s been our specialty
for more than a decade, with our experienced team up to the challenge of
finding unique managers to fit unique needs

How We Help

  • Scout Talent
  • Tailor Portfolios
  • Research & Educate
  • Make it Easier

For Managers

Helping Grow Assets
Services for CTAs, CPOs, Hedge Funds and Mutual Funds.

  • Strategic Cap Intro
  • Multi-FCM Clearing
  • Execution Algos
  • 24-Hour Trade Desk
  • Fund Outsourcing
  • Risk Tools & Reporting

Scout Talent


Proprietary Ranking Algorithm


One on One Meetings


Real-Time Due Diligence

Tailor Portfolios

Armed with a menu of talented managers, we provide customized portfolio and strategy advice to better generate target returns and protect principal while meeting the diversification, return, and risk needs of investors ranging from high net worth individuals to institutional investors. Clients invest in these portfolios by opening a brokerage account with us, where we earn a portion of the trade-by-trade costs and fees paid to the portfolio managers you enlist. There are no add-on, portfolio-level fees for our services.

Research & Educate

Dive into the world of Alternative investments with our popular ‘Attain Alternatives’ Blog, infographics, and knowledge packed whitepapers.

Make it Easier


Account Opening

We make the paperwork and funding easier with dedicated new account personnel.

Risk and Performance Reports

Replace confusing FCM statements with custom reports showing performance and risk by investment, account, and time frame.

“One Ring” Customer Service

Our experienced team is here to help, and picks up the phone in just one ring. Try it.