1. Scout Talent

You can think of us as talent scouts, helping investors scour the world of alternative investment opportunities in an effort to identify those with robust, consistent performance, sophisticated risk management processes, and well developed operational infrastructure. This selection is done through our proprietary filtering algorithm before performing one on one meetings and “real-time due diligence” where we analyze daily trading.

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2. Tailor Portfolios

Armed with a menu of talented managers, we then provide customized portfolio and strategy advice to better generate target returns and protect principal while meeting the diversification, return and risk needs of investors ranging from high net worth individuals to pension funds.

3. Research & Educate

We believe education means more than just a glossy brochure showing how managed futures is non correlated to the stock market. We believe it means ongoing analysis of what’s happening now, not just what happened over the past decade; and we provide daily research and commentary via our popular ‘Attain Alternatives’ blog covering all things alternative investments, as well as periodic whitepapers digging deeper into topics, guest posts by fund managers, and more.

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4. Make it Easier

We make the actual investment part, with the paperwork and funding and all the rest, as easy as possible, eschewing a ‘one size fits all’ approach for a consultative approach where we work with clients to find solutions that work for them in terms of structuring the investment. These include vanilla individual futures accounts, to the creation of ‘Funds of One’ or direct access to managers. The choice of clearing firms considers the investor’s requirements for credit rating, balance sheet, and more; while consideration is given to smart collateral options via T-Bills, Notes, Corp. Debt, & Stocks.

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1. Identify Talent
2. Dive Deeper
3. Tailored Portfolio
4. Open Your Account
5. Say Go, Then Track It
6. Adjust At Any Time