Attain Alternatives Blog: Hedge Funds

26 Sep 2018

Hedge Fund Investors Great Reset

We talked a few weeks ago about ‘Why There’s Trillions in Hedge Funds with Stocks at All Time Highs’, and read with interest Barry Ritholtz’s Bloomberg piece lamenting “missing hedge fund performance”. We tweeted out our thoughts: It’s more of a function of hedge fund vol dropping below equity volatility — RCM Alternatives (@rcmAlts) […]

13 Jan 2011

Great Read = “More Money than God”

Just finished one of the books I received over the holidays – Sebastian Mallaby’s:  More Money Than God: Hedge Funds and the Making of a New Elite (Council on Foreign Relations Books (Penguin Press), and I highly recommend it for anyone in or around the business of managing money, or having their money managed for […]