07 Mar 2023
Markets, RCM Alternatives, Asset Class

Asset Class Scoreboard: February 2023

Most assets took a tumble in February, as the everything rally from January to start off the year took a bit of a breather – as stocks and bonds resumed their 2022 look with both seeing losses at the same time. Elsewhere, U.S. Real estate took the biggest fall, although most have remained out of […]

03 Feb 2023
Markets, RCM Alternatives, Asset Class

Asset Class Scoreboard: January 2023

And we’re off to the races… January almost did a complete reversal from January 2022, with U.S. Real Estate taking the lead, leaving Commodities nearly in the dust. It’s important to note that most assets are not in the red yet, and as we prepare for a very uncertain year in the market, 2023 has […]

20 Dec 2022

Mutual Fund Performance: November 2022

November came with a bang. The election, a Twitter takeover, Putin doubling down in Ukraine, and China’s covid problems created plenty of volatility. Equities and bond prices continued their correlation as the market priced in some sort of easing from the Fed, and the USD followed suit. Commodities were a mixed bag, with metals finally […]

29 Nov 2022

Mutual Fund Performance: October 2022

October seems like a world away, given the events of this month. Nevertheless, funds generally performed well across the board. Stocks and bond prices behaved more traditionally, and volatility was generally down over the month. Commodities were mixed but provided some opportunities for trend followers. (Hey everyone, good news, coffee futures were down almost 20%!). […]

13 Sep 2022

Mutual Fund Performance: August 2022

At first, August looked like it would continue this bear market rally, but the trend kicked back in. Led by bonds dropping, the world started pricing in a stronger fed stance. Stocks turned over, and the dollar strengthened. Stock volatility (i.e., VIX) rose but in a more orderly way, making it challenging for some long volatility […]


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