25 Apr 2024

50 Charts showing the Current State of Volatility, with Jeremie Holdom and Colin Suvak of LongTail Alpha

This episode of The Derivative discusses the current state of Volatility – and how to use those measurements in diversifying investment strategies with Jeremie Holdom and Colin Suvak of LongTail Alpha, an investment firm focused on tail risk hedging. The guests share insights into their work, analyzing volatility across asset classes and constructing customized hedging […]

28 Mar 2024

Finding Alpha in Unexpected Places: Doug Greenig on Trend Following Beyond Developed Markets

In this in-depth conversation, Jeff Malec (@AttainCap2) picks the brain of veteran quant Doug Greenig of Florin Court Capital about pursuing trends on a truly global scale. Greenig takes listeners on his fascinating career journey, from cutting-edge fixed income modeling at Goldman Sachs to managing risk at MAN AHL’s pioneering CTA firm. He explains how […]

14 Mar 2024

Optimizing the Supply Chain: Private Equity, Automation, and Economic Indicators in Logistics with Chris Jamroz

This episode is a fascinating deep dive into the complex world of logistics. Our guest is Chris Jamroz, CEO of Roadrunner, a serial logistics entrepreneur who has indeed seen and done it all over his career. Chris provides colorful anecdotes about his past 100+ acquisitions and turnarounds, including the challenges and lessons learned along the […]


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