20 Jun 2024

Carry On: Demystifying the Carry Trade with Rodrigo Gordillo & Adam Butler of ReSolve

We’re back! Today’s podcast features The Derivative show stoppers Rodrigo Gordillo @RodGordilloP and Adam Butler @GestaltU of ReSolve Asset Management @InvestReSolve discussing the carry trade and its applications in investment strategies. They begin by explaining what the carry trade is and discussing common misconceptions around it. They then dive into different types of carry that can […]

28 Mar 2024

Finding Alpha in Unexpected Places: Doug Greenig on Trend Following Beyond Developed Markets

In this in-depth conversation, Jeff Malec (@AttainCap2) picks the brain of veteran quant Doug Greenig of Florin Court Capital about pursuing trends on a truly global scale. Greenig takes listeners on his fascinating career journey, from cutting-edge fixed income modeling at Goldman Sachs to managing risk at MAN AHL’s pioneering CTA firm. He explains how […]

29 Feb 2024

Miami Hedge Fund week Panel 2024 Part II: Increasing Accessibility of Alternative Investments

Join us for the second half of our panel discussions during this year’s Hedge Fund Week in Miami as we explore increasing accessibility of alternative investments through new ETF products and strategies. We’ve got Rodrigo Gordillo (@RodGordilloP) taking reigns from the quantitative perspective, Jerry Parker (@rjparkerjr09) talking trend following, Bob Elliot (@BobEUnlimited) on replication and […]


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