21 Sep 2011

QE3- What would it mean for Managed Futures?

With the Fed releasing their comments on the potential for round three of quantitative easing later today (QE3 in the popular vernacular), we decided to take a look at just what the past two QE’s have accomplished. To get a good picture, we compared managed futures to stocks and bonds, using indices as proxies for […]

22 Sep 2011

Platforms: Same story, different continent

We recently did a blog post that delved into the ironically murky waters of UCITS funds, their regulations, and their ability to serve investors. It turns out that evaluation of UCITS performance reveals an important lesson applicable stateside as well: “platform” promotion of a program is not necessarily the best model for raising funds or […]

28 Sep 2011

Guest Post: An Outside Perspective on Gold

We’ve posted quite a bit recently on Gold’s major fluctuations between all-time highs and rapid sell-offs. With Gold continuing the roller coaster (down another $40 at the time of this post being written), we decided it might be time to bring in a gold specialist to comment. Enter Cervino Capital Management. Their Gold Covered-Call program […]


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