15 Dec 2016

Alternative Links: Fed Raises Rates

  #FED DAY Results:$SPX: – .8%$NDX: -.3%$DJIA: -.6%$GLD: -1.4%$TLT: -1.1% — StockTwits (@StockTwits) December 14, 2016   They also indicated they see a brightening economic outlook and expect to raise short-term rates next year by another 0.75 percentage point—likely in three quarter-point moves. Fed Raises Rates for First Time in 2016, Anticipates 3 Increases in […]

13 Dec 2016

Crude Oil, a Contender?

We can’t help but look at Crude Oil recently and think of Marlon Brando saying – “I used to be Somebody.”  Although our memories aren’t as good as Google’s. Here’s the actual line:  “I could’a had class, I could’a been a contender, I could’a been somebody” In Crude Oil’s case… it’s not a could’a been, […]

07 Dec 2016

Alternative Links: The Great Rotation

Diversification is not fun, but intelligent investing shouldn’t be about having fun. Diversification Is No Fun – (A Wealth of Common Sense)   Renaissance’s success, of course, ultimately lies with the people who built, improved upon, and maintain Medallion’s models, many of whom met at IBM in the 1980s, where they used statistical analysis to […]


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