10 Nov 2021

Investing…YouTube Influencer Style

Since its creation in 2005, YouTube has grown into a social media powerhouse. The social media platform isn’t just used to watch music videos or funny skits anymore. But, instead, generations like Millennials and Gen-Z are accessing YouTube to learn how to do things, like, makeup tutorials, playing new games, and discovering new investment opportunities. […]

05 Nov 2021
Markets, RCM Alternatives, Asset Class

Asset Class Scoreboard: October

And we’re back…. After stocks took a breather from their meteoric rise in September with some losses – ALL asset classes came roaring back in October, with US Stocks, Real Estate, and Commodities all up above 5%, and everyone else pulling their weight. Even bonds. We’ll see how the last two months of the year […]

12 Oct 2021

ESG causing Europe’s Energy Issues?

If you haven’t noticed what’s happening in the energy markets of late- oil and natural gas are on a bit of a tear this year, especially over in Europe, where they’ve been a bit more aggressive politically in their embrace and enforcement of ESG protocols and mandates. Even good old-fashioned West Texas Crude Oil isn’t […]


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