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03 Feb 2016

Alternative Links: Divergent Trading

Managed futures performance – delivering crisis alpha through divergent trading – (Lakewood Views) Hedge funds shed some but still outperform markets – (Opalesque) Managed Futures Funds Let You Ride Trends for Profit – (Kiplinger) Managed Futures 2016 Outlook – (RCM Alternatives) This is how to diversify your investments as hedge funds do – (Marketwatch) Keeping […]

04 Feb 2016

Attain Funds January Performance

Most of the Attain Funds came out of the gate strong in 2016, with the Attain Short Term Fund making major leaps forward, up +12.27% in January {Disclaimer: Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results}.  Most of the gains could be seen from volatility in the energy markets, as well as a trending U.S. […]

05 Feb 2016

Weekend Reads: Questioning Capitalism

Answering Larry’s Call – (Reformed Broker) CarhoMetrics Cracks the Code on Shipping Data – (Institutional Investor) The Secretive Hedge Fund That’s Generating Huge Profits for Yale – (Bloomberg) Macro Strategies Hedge Funds Provide Capital Protection in Volatile Financial Markets – (Preqin) The Difference Between Institutional & Individual Investors – (A Wealth of Common Sense) Why […]