22 Aug 2013

Goldfinger, Gold iPhone, and Gold Backwardation!

Our society hasn’t lost its obsession with that shinny medal just yet. First Apple is in talks of a gold iPhone, and a great piece on Slate’s Blog MoneyBox talking about the political and economic undertones on the James Bond Classic: Goldfinger. Was this a classic Bond film with the ejector seat car, or a movie about the Bretton-Woods system of semi-fixed exchange rates restricting British citizens from buying and storing large quantities of gold. The piece draws some eerie parallels with today, noting that Labour Party Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

26 Aug 2013

The “Bond King” coming to Managed Futures

Look out Managed Futures! Here comes the Bond King! Bill Gross is buying the drawdown in managed futures…well sort of. Pimco has filed papers with the SEC to open a Managed Futures Mutual Fund. While we are never too found of these mutual funds, it’s a little early to pass judgment. So what’s Bill Gross’s reason to invest in Managed Futures right now?

27 Aug 2013

The $48 Million Platinum Payout

It’s not every day you see a Forbes 400 Member settle a class action suit surrounding market manipulation – but that was exactly what’s happened. Futures Industry ‘Hall of Famer’ Louis Moore Bacon’s firm Moore Capital has agreed to pay $48 Million to settle allegations of manipulating Platinum and Palladium prices. There’s no knowing what really happened, either way if you traded Platinum and Palladium why not submit your claim for part of it.

29 Aug 2013

Finviz: We Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

Dear Finviz, Whenever we need a quick glimpse of the futures markets, we know we can count on you. But as we’ve mentioned, the futures side needs some work. For instance, you’re missing some of the most heavily traded contracts in the world, by only displaying two Bond futures markets. If we can be so bold – we’ve come up with an alternative layout which would do just the thing. What do you think about adding these new markets and adjusting the layout! This user, for one – would be an even more loyal fan!

05 Sep 2013

Commodity Futures vs. ETF Performance – August

Whenever we need a pick me up or something to brighten our day, the underperformance of commodity ETF’s usually does the trick. But the ETF’s have held in there remarkably well so far this year against a simple strategy of buy and hold the December futures contract and roll it annually (down just 26 basis points on average). The real story, however, is the underperformance of either long only strategy.


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