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26 Jul 2011

Enter the Matrix (AKA Debt Ceiling Delusions)

Most Matrix references revolve around the red/blue pill conundrum or Keanu Reeves annihilating cyborgs. Today’s debt crisis blog post, however, boasts a guest appearance from the affable Cypher of first installment lore. Despite knowing exactly what a life in the Matrix meant (we won’t spoil the movie for you if you haven’t seen it- which […]

27 Jul 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes…

Quick update on the debt debacle – or as John Stewart calls it: Armadebton. Looks like the Hollywood-esque market pricing we referred to on the blog yesterday has reversed course somewhat: T-Bills are finally starting to react – ZeroHedge explains it well. [such a divergence on the long end helped bring down Long Term Capital Mgmt… btw] Major stock […]

28 Jul 2011

Dighton Defends the Dollar

After what has been a bad July for Dighton Capital, and anyone else long the US Dollar, Dighton’s head trader, Alex Moiseev, is out today with the following ‘defense’ of Dighton’s long U.S. Dollar/ short Swiss Franc positions (view the full release here). “The Fed has confirmed it will not launch QE3 any time soon […]