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12 Sep 2018

Where’s the Wheat?

A drive across farming states of the US has a different look than it did maybe 20 years ago, but we’re not talking about shopping malls having popped up where there used to be a farm. We’re talking about the drive from say Cleveland to Dallas seeing less and less wheat – those famous “amber […]

10 Sep 2018

Looking Backward, Thinking Forward

Here’s the Chicago Board of Trade’s trading floor sometime in the 1990s. Down there in that mass of humanity and paper and colored coats were dozens of clerks.  These were (mostly) young people getting a foothold in the industry. Learning the ropes from the bottom rung. Interns, if you will, who weren’t just leaning how […]

20 Aug 2018

Set Phasers to ‘Systematic’

We had always assumed William Shatner had made a killing being the spokesperson for Priceline (now known as Booking Holdings $BKNG) , with the stock being one of the best performers in the US market over the past 10 years, up about 1,900% (yeah, with a comma). Here’s that price action:   Problem is (well, […]

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