21 Oct 2021

The Derivative’s Top 5 Episodes

Ahh, the sweet bliss of Thursday — you’ve officially gotten over the hump, you’re hitting your goals, and you see the finish line at the end of the tunnel. As you’re turning the corner on the workweek, you may find yourself needing a little pick-me-up — the great news — we have just what you […]

15 Oct 2021

Mutual Funds Performance Summary

Stocks took a hiatus from the ever-long bull run characterizing 2021 so far. The ever-grander narrative from China spooked US stock prices into their worst month since March 2020 (-4.66%). See our asset class scorecard to see the macro performance picture. The mutual funds listed below mostly struggled during this month’s heightened volatility. This provided a brief pause […]

05 Jan 2021

10 Most Popular Blog Posts in 2020

In our annual blog piece, we’ve pulled the 10 most popular blog posts (& 1 whitepaper) that resonated with our readers this year. 2020 was quite literally the year to write home about. Between all-time high VIX numbers, to the corona-crash, we faithfully covered it all and brought you readers some important pieces to consume […]


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