03 Sep 2010

CFTC finally wakes up on Forex Regulation

The CFTC finally made a common sense rule on Forex this past week – saying that if you are soliciting accounts to trade forex,  you have to be registered to sell forex accounts. What a ground breaking idea (heavy sarcasm). Here’s the release. For those of us who have to be registered to sell stocks, […]

01 Dec 2010

The $100 Billion Forex Hustle via FT

With the backdrop of the planned FXCM IPO tomorrow and pending Gain Capital IPO – we ran into a good article from the ft.com/alphaville blog pointed out by Barry Ritholz on the Big Picture Blog today, mirroring what we’ve been saying for years – that retail Forex trading is a scam. (they use slightly more […]

05 Apr 2011

It’s Tax Time Again… and Managed Futures Wins

It’s time for our weekly newsletter, and we are sorry to report (except, not really) that it’s dealing with one of the most unsavory topics in American culture. That’s right. With the calendar rolling over to April last week, it is that time of year for taxpayers in America – one of America’s least favorite days […]


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