05 Jun 2023
Markets, RCM Alternatives, Asset Class

Asset Class Scoreboard: May 2023

While most major asset classes struggled in May, U.S. stocks managed to eke out small gains, driven by strength in large tech companies. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Hedge funds and bonds both posted small losses for the month. Hedge funds returned -0.65% while bonds declined 1.16% according to the data. Despite […]

15 May 2023


The focus of the April market action was similar to March, and all eyes were on monetary policy. Would the layoffs and banking issues constitute enough pain for the Fed to alter course in trying to control inflation? Stock and bonds mostly went sideways. Commodities were mixed with choppy market action, with the exception of […]

26 Apr 2023

Helping money managers develop understanding in China

Z-Ben Advisors’ recent rankings of the top firms engaging China provide invaluable insights into this crucial market. As China rises, Z-Ben helps money managers develop an actionable understanding of China’s dynamics, cutting through the hype. Says Z-Ben’s MD, “For most global players, the excitement of China as an opportunity now matches the hassle of getting […]

18 Apr 2023

Mutual Fund Performance: March

The Ides of March came this year with some volatility. All eyes were on the banking crisis as the Fed effectively bailed out two notable US banks, and Credit Suisse was forced to merge with UBS.  Bond volatility spiked considerably, hurting some strategies and providing an opportunity for others. Anyone still short bond prices took […]

04 Apr 2023

Asset Class Scoreboard: March 2023

Risk On!  March continued the one-month-on, one-month off pattern seen so far in this young year, with nearly stocks and bonds bouncing back from Feb losses with March gains. The big story was managed futures with a big down month driven by the sharp rise in bond prices (lower rates) in March around the Silicon […]

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