09 Jan 2014

Chart of the Week: Stop being Average

We couldn’t help but notice something significant missing from Bob Doll’s chart which is making the rounds. it looks at the 20 Year annualized returns by asset classes dating from 1992-2011 as well as what the “average investor” has made. Ignore for a second that this data is 2 years stale… it has a bigger problem in our view – managed futures wasn’t included.

23 Jan 2014

Chart of the Week: All Time Highs for Cattle Futures

We fancy ourselves as steak experts here in Chicago, but with both Feeder and Live Cattle futures at all time highs this week should we be concerned that the price of their favorite meat is about to go through the roof? No anytime soon… but an international agreement, an early winter storm, and the recent drought might have something to do with this recent spike.

06 Feb 2014

Chart of the Week: Coffee Cuing Up an Up Trend?

Move over Natural Gas… the latest commodity that is perking up (pun intended) is everyone’s favorite morning nectar, Coffee.  The $7 Billion dollar market is up almost 30% YTD, and was up 8 consecutive days before some profit taking today {past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results}. (Disclaimer: Past performance is not necessarily […]


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