27 Jun 2013

You Think Gold’s been doing Bad, Check out Gold Miners…

What’s the only thing worse than being long gold as it plunged 12% since June 1st? Being long a gold mining company who has massive exposure to the plunging gold price, as well as some added extra exposure in terms of the company’s management, fixed costs, debt, and so on… Just look at the performance of these commodity producer/miner ETFs versus the commodity ETFs versus the actual commodity itself.

28 Jun 2013

Bring Back the Corn Murals

The corn murals should return to their sweet glory at the Corn Palace this fall. The USDA released its farmers survey, saying the 97 million acres of Corn planted this season is more than any time since 1936. Finviz is a little off on their charts, and M6 Capital predication pays off.

02 Jul 2013

Commodity ETF Performance – June

Despite our best efforts to put commodity ETFs to bed for good, they continue to outperform the competition and prove us wrong so far in 2013. We’ll see is this is the same picture at the end of the year. For now, see where ETF’s outperformed December Futures this month.

08 Jul 2013

Risk On/Risk Off Market Snapshot: June 2013

As we’ve been stating the past couple of months, the markets are on the move, and our monthly peek at the Risk On/Off stats provide a little bit of proof of that. We’re still not seeing the same numbers of Risk On/Off days as last year, but in June, we did see the biggest average move up or down of the year.

09 Jul 2013

PFGBest One Year Later: a Chat with James Koutoulas

There’s no question that after the 1-2 punch of scandals involving PFG and MF Global, the managed futures community toke it upon themselves to advocate for changes. Shortly after the MF Global incident, the Customer Commodity Coalition was formed to conceptualize the frustrations of the customers into visible results. It only seems fitting that on the 1 Year Anniversary of the PFG scandal, we sit down with friend and colleague, James Koutoulas of the CCC and chat.

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