01 May 2014

All That Ag: Price Distortion, Live Cattle, and Surreal Soybeans

18% in a couple months might just convince any performance chaser to reallocate funds that way, and according to M6 Capital in their recent newsletter, that’s just what many investors did, with a heavy inflow into the Ag Markets. But will performance chasers be rewarded? M6 says people seeking to make money when commodity prices are rising might want to think again, suggesting that some of the “food” Commodities are overweighted due to the massive inflow of funds in the Ag markets this year.

12 May 2014

The Russell 2000: The Chicken or the Egg?

All eyes in our office tomorrow will be looking at Russell 2000 futures tomorrow after shooting right up to down trend line today. While some have been calling for the S&P and Dow to confirm the down move seen in the Russell, there now exists the very real possibility the Russell will rally to make new highs to match those two, instead of the other way around.

12 Jun 2014

Get Ready to Be Long Crude Oil

While not exactly earth shattering news today, more than a few people are commenting on the $1.50 to $2.00 move in Crude Oil today. Perhaps it is due to the rather boring movement across markets of all shapes and sizes… and any sort of spike, no matter how small is news worthy. Or perhaps it is the corresponding news that Islamic militants have taken a 2nd Iraqi city in as many days.


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