Category: Macro Commentary

06 Sep 2018

Asset Class Scoreboard: August

It’s good to be the US Stock market. You know, with those two trillion dollar companies and all, its as if it can do no wrong, slowly pacing ahead month after month (its 5th straight month of gains and new all time highs in August). We talked a bit about how hedge funds don’t really […]

12 Jul 2018

Are Tariffs a Black Swan?

Some markets like stocks and currencies are treating the tariffs as rather binary events to be immediately bought or sold en masse, other markets like soybeans and metals seem to be letting it create a new market environment with different long-term price levels.

16 Feb 2018

Why did XIV Implode?

Ironically, the popularity of these products significantly increased the probability of their own demise. These products, and others like them, provided a simple vehicle for betting against volatility.

25 Jan 2018

American (Automated) Gods

What makes Amazon’s grocery stores different from any other store? No standing in line at check out. But in true follower of the American god fashion, Amazon lovers are willing to stand in line for a store that doesn’t have lines….

22 Jan 2018

Why Crypto is so Popular

Checking your Coinbase app and seeing your brilliance rewarded hour after hour. Imagine if every time you looked in your real wallet, there were more dollars in there. How long would it take you to look again, and again, and again?

08 Nov 2017

VIX & Volatility Trading and Investing Resources

If you follow our blog closely, you know we have a thing or two or twelve to say about VIX and volatility investing. We even put some of that information together into an easily digestible whitepaper. But that still didn’t cover it all. In light of the VIX and volatility investing hype, here’s every article […]