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02 Mar 2021
Markets, RCM Alternatives, Asset Class

Asset Class Scoreboard: February 2021

Last year it feels like all we talked about was the rough performance of commodities and now we’re reading headline after headline of a 2021 commodity supercycle “driven by stimulus spending and a weaker US dollar” (SP Global). Up 15% for the year already, I think we’ll be talking about commodity performance for a good […]

25 Feb 2021

Gold’s Not-So-Boring-Cousin: Silver

Just about 6 months ago we were talking about how Silver had rallied about 100% since the March lows, saying rather sarcastically: What’s going on – did Silver become a SAAS company in search of a ludicrous P/E multiple? No. This is overflow and unintended (or maybe intended) consequences of printing all that money for […]

29 Jan 2021

Wallstreet Bets Busts Wallstreet? WTF ^%$#

Get more information on the funds at Ambrus Group here and at Aegea Capital here or read the transcripts for this episode here.    If you’ve been on the internet, watched TV, or talked to anyone outside of yourself in the past week and a half you can’t have missed it. GameStop stock ($GME) went […]

27 Jan 2021

What The Heck is r/wsb…and Why Does it Matter?

It’s amazing how fast it takes a meme to hit terminal velocity these days. Witness Bernie going from folding chair to most photoshopped human ever: But the real meme across FintTwit these days isn’t Bernie. It’s Bernie’s army (of investors) YOLO’ing very real money to drastic effect on the markets. Just like that, there’s a […]