Category: Investing Insight

22 Apr 2024

+125% YTD, this Mulvaney Performance is Unreal?

This isn’t a chart you see too often… It looks more like the latest meme coin than a proper investment. But this is actually happening this year, with Mulvaney Capital putting up +45% in February 2024, and +51% in March of 2024.  Signup for the RCM Manager/Fund database to view the full historical performance track […]

18 Apr 2024

How to Protect and Grow Your Wealth for an Unknown Future

We’ve talked in this space before about Mutiny Funds unique, if not oddly named, approach to portfolio design, but they went and upped the ante with their recently released Cockroach Approach Whitepaper. How do you approach the problem of trying to protect and grow your investments no matter what the market throws your way? Mutiny […]

14 Mar 2024

Optimizing the Supply Chain: Private Equity, Automation, and Economic Indicators in Logistics with Chris Jamroz

This episode is a fascinating deep dive into the complex world of logistics. Our guest is Chris Jamroz, CEO of Roadrunner, a serial logistics entrepreneur who has indeed seen and done it all over his career. Chris provides colorful anecdotes about his past 100+ acquisitions and turnarounds, including the challenges and lessons learned along the […]

09 Nov 2023

A brief history of Corn, food co-valuations, GMO vs non-GMO, and a guacable chip with Zack’s Mighty founder Zack Gazzaniga

Get ready to savor an episode of The Derivative that’s anything but run-of-the-(corn) mill, featuring a guest who’s serving up some fresh and unconventional perspectives. That’s right, we’re delving into the heart of the snack world where the notion of sturdy, thick chips and delicate, thin chips is more than meets the eye. Prepare to […]

08 Jun 2023

Global EQD ’23 Breakdown with Jason Buck (part 1)

Didn’t get the chance to head to Vegas for the Global EQD conference. No worries. We’ve got you covered.   We’re teaming up with the one and only Jason Buck (@jasoncbuck) of Mutiny Funds (@MutinyFunds), he of many volatility-focused podcasts and manager of a long vol fund of funds. Together, Jeff and Jason walk through […]

05 Dec 2022

ChatGPT, What a crazy, modern world we live in

Ok, If you haven’t been watching Twitter go crazy over ChatGPT the past few days, you’re missing out. Here’s a nice piece explaining some of the cool stuff we’ve seen just in a few days since it was released: 🤖 Here’s a little overview of all the crazy stuff I’m seeing with the new ChatGPT. […]