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10 Dec 2021

8 ½ Ways to Invest in Commodities

Have you ever heard of the saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket?” Well, any savvy investor knows this saying goes for maximizing your investment goals. Commodities, which are often overlooked, can make attractive trades when diversifying your portfolio. Don’t know where to begin? No worries, here’s eight and a half ways you […]

29 Oct 2021

Ghost Your Ghastly Eyes On These Happenings

This Halloween, we reached beyond the veil and summoned the investment market. While everyone may be talking about @Facebook’s new company name @Meta — we wanted to highlight a few industry hot topics that will leave you saying, “BOO” ya. Let’s take a closer look at these happenings below: Bitcoin ETFs If you haven’t seen […]

26 Oct 2021

Inflation, Commodities and Trend Following Field Guide

We used to track bond king Jeff Gundlach’s investment calls from time to time – see here and here, and didn’t miss a good Gundlach macguffin…especially when he’s talking our world of commodities. Here’s Gundlach, via Markets Insider talking today’s environment in commodities: “Commodities are unbelievably strong. But for the fact that they haven’t had […]

12 Oct 2021

ESG causing Europe’s Energy Issues?

If you haven’t noticed what’s happening in the energy markets of late- oil and natural gas are on a bit of a tear this year, especially over in Europe, where they’ve been a bit more aggressive politically in their embrace and enforcement of ESG protocols and mandates. Even good old-fashioned West Texas Crude Oil isn’t […]

08 Sep 2021
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Asset Class Scoreboard: August 2021

Welcome to the dog days of summer… unless you’re U.S. equity markets, which again posted a new all-time high. That’s seven months in a row of relatively straight-up action for equities. When will it end and How will it end? are the questions on everyone’s mind. Elsewhere, Commodities took a little hiatus, along with bonds […]

01 Sep 2021

The Cockroach Fund, Congratulations, and Collaboration

While there are articles about 12-year-olds making millions minting NFTs these days – it’s good to know there may still be a place for good old-fashioned hard work. Enter Jason Buck and Taylor Pearson of Mutiny Funds (, who successfully launched their newest venture – the Cockroach Fund. Running an asset management firm is no […]