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15 Jul 2021

The Kaoboy of Convertible Arb with Michael Kao

We’ve said on this blog before that options are like playing 3D chess. Well then what does creating synthetic options via convertible bonds, equity positions, and bank debt play like?? Take a listen to this pod where we venture out of the futures/options space into credit, convertible bond, risk arb. Therefore, if you think you […]

12 Jul 2021
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Asset Class Scoreboard – H1 2021

The Q2 numbers are in  – and there’s just no stopping commodities, it seems, as they put in another three months of gains to lead all assets YTD as we hit halftime in this game of markets. Is this the inflation we’ve all been fearing for the past 40 years come to life?  We put […]

11 Jun 2021
Markets, RCM Alternatives, Asset Class

Asset Class Scoreboard: May 2021

Not much to report on with the old asset class scoreboard if you like change. All of the asset classes we track put up positive returns in May, for the 2nd straight month, meaning it was more of the same in terms of the year – with all the risk on assets: commodities, real estate, […]

28 Apr 2021

Where are the Lumber Trend Followers?

  But one well worn internet trope we haven’t seen tied to the rise in lumber prices is the inevitable blaming of CTAs, aka managed futures, aka trend followers for the move. That game usually starts out with JP Morgan’s Marko Kolanovic or one of the Nomura quants putting out some statistics on where he […]