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04 Mar 2019
Markets, RCM Alternatives, Asset Class

Asset Class Scoreboard: February 2019

We’re trying not to be too optimistic here, but we’re feeling pretty good about how Feb ended up. The dead cat bounce that was January has turned into the mirror image of 2018 – with all asset classes now sitting positive on the year after all finished in the red in 2018. Compared to the […]

07 Feb 2019

Asset Class Scoreboard: January 2019

Wow! That was a bounce.  In the words of Mr. Castanza “I’m back…baby!“. Or if you want something a bit more modern….”Chewie…we’re home!”. Either way, investors rushed to remember what a positive month looks like after basically every asset class was down in 2018, with stocks flirting with a rare double digit gain while real […]

28 Nov 2016

Just Like that – An Explosion of Financials Volatility

A couple of weeks ago, Managed Futures managers were begging for volatility. There was none to be found in the financial markets, but it’s a totally different story post-election. Whether you want to look at the surging U.S. Dollar index or the free falling Euro currency market, there’s movement to be seen. For example, the […]

14 Nov 2013

Chart of the Week: Bring on the Bitcoin Futures?

With the majority of major currencies being downplayed it’s hard to imagine little Bitcoin, a digital currency grabbing the currency headlines. In less than a month it’s gained around 210% percent…. The more interesting thing to us in the managed futures world, who are semi-starved for a trend, is looking at this parabolic trend in Bitcoin and wishing there were a futures market tracking it so our clients could participate.

21 Nov 2013

Chart of the Week: Everyone Else’s 401K Stock Funds Allocation

With markets at all time highs, have you ever wondered how much of other people’s portfolios are truly dedicated to U.S. Equities? Not only that, but how portfolio allocation to stocks compares to the last 13 years? You’d think it would be at all-time highs with the way stocks are going. Lucky for us, J. Lyons Fund Management has just the chart.

05 Dec 2013

Chart of the Week: Sugar’s Lonely Mountain Pattern

When not watching a ‘market’ movie, you will likely find us in the sci fi or fantasy genre – so we’re pumped to see the 2nd installment of the Hobbit in a few weeks… which might explain why we’re starting to see Hobbit-like signs all over…. Take Sugar, for instance. We couldn’t help but feel that the Sugar chart looks an awful lot like the great dragon Smaug’s home – Lonely Mountain.

13 Dec 2013

Chart(s) of the Week: Nasty Weather and Natural Gas

It’s down right frigid in Chicago, and well basically everywhere else across the United States. And what do a lot of Americans use to heat their houses these days… Natural Gas. On the futures side of things, for one reason or another, there has certainly been the development of a trend on the Natural gas side of things, but does this have anything to do with weather?

19 Dec 2013

Chart(s) of the Week: Hello Taper, so long Risk On/Risk Off

Christmas came early for financial bloggers. As if one major event wasn’t enough, the Federal Reserve and Captain Bernanke (our personal nickname) announced the much hyped, much anticipated start of tapering, but only slightly. Here was the action in the DOW, Nikkei, and Vix – see if you can spot when the announcement was made: