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23 Feb 2024

Trend Followers Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

We half-jokingly know that as soon as we post this, Cocoa will sell off 10% to 20%…. but it’s time we weigh in on the marvelous trend happening in the Cocoa Market, leaving many trend followers as happy as that bird on the cereal box:   A Textbook Up Trend Here’s the beautiful chart courtesy […]

21 Oct 2021

The Derivative’s Top 5 Episodes

Ahh, the sweet bliss of Thursday — you’ve officially gotten over the hump, you’re hitting your goals, and you see the finish line at the end of the tunnel. As you’re turning the corner on the workweek, you may find yourself needing a little pick-me-up — the great news — we have just what you […]

15 Oct 2021

Mutual Funds Performance Summary

Stocks took a hiatus from the ever-long bull run characterizing 2021 so far. The ever-grander narrative from China spooked US stock prices into their worst month since March 2020 (-4.66%). See our asset class scorecard to see the macro performance picture. The mutual funds listed below mostly struggled during this month’s heightened volatility. This provided a brief pause […]

05 Jan 2021

10 Most Popular Blog Posts in 2020

In our annual blog piece, we’ve pulled the 10 most popular blog posts (& 1 whitepaper) that resonated with our readers this year. 2020 was quite literally the year to write home about. Between all-time high VIX numbers, to the corona-crash, we faithfully covered it all and brought you readers some important pieces to consume […]

14 Dec 2020

We’re Voting for Charities Not Chocolate This Holiday Season

Every year around this time we try write up our semi-cheeky/semi-truthful “attack of the chocolate covered holiday gift” where we sarcastically write about the endless spread of cheese & crackers, bins of popcorn, or chocolate covered anything. But…it’s 2020. The year where we stayed at home and in place, the year where we discovered the […]

26 Jun 2019

Up is down, forwards is backwards, Alpha is Beta

The good folks over at Transtrend (the 12th largest managed futures program in our top 100 managers infographic) are out with a new research piece via the CME that throws the whole Alpha concept out the window. They agree with the classical definition of Alpha as the amount of return not explained by the chosen […]

17 Jun 2019

The new AI –> AT, Artificial Trading

One of the best follows on non-financial Twitter is’s Chief Digital Evangelist: Vala Ashsfar. He comes up with inspiring lists highlighting what it means to be a good mentor, what money can’t buy (happy home, manners, etc.), and companies founded by immigrants (Apple, Google, Amazon to name a few). Not to mention his mesmerizing […]

10 Jun 2019

What’s wrong with AQR (part III)

We’ve covered AQR’s eponymous managed futures product before, asking in April of 2017: What’s Wrong with AQR and again in March of 2019: What’s Wrong with AQR (Part II), because when you’re the elephant in the room, well – people want to know what if you’re playing nicely or shattering the dinnerware. And, well, when […]

09 Apr 2019

3.5 million derivatives trades per hour

We like to highlight the Futures Industry Association (FIA) annual volume study every year, and were excited to see that global derivatives trading volume hit an all-time record in 2018. There were 30.3 Billion (with a B) global futures and options traded in 2018. That’s about 83 million trades per day, 3.5 million per hour, […]