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06 Sep 2018

Asset Class Scoreboard: August

It’s good to be the US Stock market. You know, with those two trillion dollar companies and all, its as if it can do no wrong, slowly pacing ahead month after month (its 5th straight month of gains and new all time highs in August). We talked a bit about how hedge funds don’t really […]

08 Feb 2018

The Tail has Wagged the Dog

When the dust settled, we’re now living in an environment where there’s nearly $4 Billion less short volatility supply than there was just a week ago, once you add in all the private funds that were also on this trade.

31 Aug 2017

Weekend Reads: 66 Million Years Old

“This dinosaur has been laying here for at least 66 million years,” Sertich said. “I’m over the moon right now about this dinosaur fossil.” Construction crew finds rare triceratops fossil in Thornton – (KDVR)   Broadly speaking, rich people own the upside of the economy in the form of stock, while the middle class’s gains […]

21 Jul 2017

Weekend Reads: Is Artificial Intelligence Biased?

Today’s infographic from explains the major differences between NYSE and the Nasdaq What is the Difference Between the NYSE and Nasdaq? – (Visual Capitalist)   How it works: The client buys a private-placement life-insurance policy. The insurance company invests in alternative assets such as hedge funds. Profits, if any, would ordinarily be taxed as capital gains, […]