Category: Trend Following and Systematic Strategies

29 Feb 2024

Miami Hedge Fund week Panel 2024 Part II: Increasing Accessibility of Alternative Investments

Join us for the second half of our panel discussions during this year’s Hedge Fund Week in Miami as we explore increasing accessibility of alternative investments through new ETF products and strategies. We’ve got Rodrigo Gordillo (@RodGordilloP) taking reigns from the quantitative perspective, Jerry Parker (@rjparkerjr09) talking trend following, Bob Elliot (@BobEUnlimited) on replication and […]

23 Feb 2024

Trend Followers Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

We half-jokingly know that as soon as we post this, Cocoa will sell off 10% to 20%…. but it’s time we weigh in on the marvelous trend happening in the Cocoa Market, leaving many trend followers as happy as that bird on the cereal box:   A Textbook Up Trend Here’s the beautiful chart courtesy […]

22 Feb 2024

Set Phasers to Stocks+Discretionary Global Macro – with Dynamic Alpha

From NASA to Star Trek, Brad Barrie and David Johnson of @DynamicAlphaSol discuss how their shared interests inspired the development of their diversified mutual fund, which blends equity exposure with discretionary global macro allocations. They explain how this approach seeks to provide smoother returns through non-correlated exposures. Brad and David also delve into their backgrounds […]

08 Feb 2024

Advanced Hedge Fund Replication with the Top Down – riding diverse ETF modeling flows with DBi’s Andrew Beer

We’re thrilled to kick off another season of The Derivative Podcast. Our first episode finds us going into the lion’s den so to speak, finding out just what all our past and future hedge fund running guests have to fear from replication specialist Andrew Beer (@andrewdbeer1), of the successful DBMF managed futures ETF. From the […]

26 Oct 2023

Trend Following Asset Allocations with Jon Robinson of Blueprint

In the constantly changing and often unpredictable industry that is wealth management, is it possible to systematize an asset allocation approach? Might you even apply trend following to the problem? On this episode of The Derivative, Jon Robinson, the CEO and co-founder of Blueprint Investment Partners (@Blueprint_IP), draws upon his unique experience on both sides […]

05 Oct 2023

Systematic Commodity Trading (without Trend) with Jae-Min Hyun of NWOne

In commodity trading, where volatility reigns supreme, finding an edge can be daunting. In this episode of The Derivative, we switch up our normal Commodity Trading talk with our non-trend following guest, Jae-Min Hyun of NWOne. With extensive experience in commodities trading and a quant background that spans Wall Street firms, hedge funds, and a […]