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13 Oct 2011

Behind Enemy Lines?

It’s hard to work in finance and ignore the Occupy movements. In Chicago, the participants march past our offices on a regular basis. The whispers and rumors of some of the supposed policy proposals could have wide-sweeping consequences for the financial sector as a whole if realized. Much of the press and government have expressed […]

26 Oct 2011

Attain’s Top 13 Investing Movies- Ever.

No, we’re not turning into an entertainment industry blog – but after our interview with Margin Call producer Neal Dodson, it was only natural for us to be talking about other films with high drama in high finance around the Attain offices. Turns out, it’s hard to talk about good trading/Wall St. movies without putting […]

23 Mar 2012

The Reformed Broker Reforms Financial Lit

If you follow the Attain Blog, you know it’s no secret that we’re fans of Josh Brown over at The Reformed Broker. He tells it like it is with a sense of humor and humility, and that same refreshing writing style has transferred over to his new book. It’s definitely a highly recommended read.

21 Oct 2013

No, Bloomberg, the managed futures industry is not a scam

Is the managed futures industry a scam? Bloomberg would surely have you think so with the headline “How Investors Lose 89% of Gains from Futures Funds.” Now we couldn’t agree more that the 63 funds (sold by Wall Street) they reviewed are bad for investors. But that’s not the overwhelming majority of the managed futures industry. Check out our complete rebuttal of Bloomberg’s article

25 Oct 2013

Weekend Reads

If something is newsworthy, but nobody reports on it or talks about it, is it still “news?” We ask ourselves this question today, as earlier this morning; the CME tweeted about a power surge cutting off phone and internet service on the trading floor. If anyone had any doubts about floor trading versus electronic trading, this shows it’s really no contest these days. Plus, the Sequester is to blame for CFTC Furloughs, and Jon Stewart provides brilliant commentary on JP Morgan.

10 Jan 2014

Did everyone miss the Satire memo with “The Wolf of Wall Street?”

We’ll admit.. Being the movie fanatics that we are, when the trailers were released for the Wolf of Wall Street,” everyone from our office crowded around a computer to watch the outlandish, crazed, and intense film directed by Scorsese. From the moment the movie begins, the intensity and emotion of the storyline grip you, and it never really stops.

24 Jan 2014

Natural Gas Linkfest

While everyone else will likely be talking about the Dow’s back to back days losing about 500 points – we can help but give a little love to Natural Gas with a special Nat Gas edition of our weekend reads: