Weekend Reads: Least Volatile Quarter

The upshot: Simply betting that commodity indexes inevitably will rise over the long term won’t work, Ms. Agati says.

Why Commodity-Index Investing May Be Futile – (Wall Street Journal)


Managed Futures Pinnacle Award Nominees – (Pinnacle Awards)


The average absolute percentage change for each day this quarter was 0.32% for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Through today, that would be the lowest average absolute percentage change for a quarter since the 4th quarter of 1965.

The Least Volatile Quarter On Record Since the 1960s – (Barrons)


Stat Of The Day: 2nd Smallest S&P 500 Drawdown Ever (-2.3%) w/ $VIX @ 5-Month Highs

VIX hits 5 months Highs with little stock damage – (Dana Lyons)


Now, that’s all fine to say and we would all mostly agree – but what caught our eye was the graphics backing this up, where Campbell’s Kaminsky shows the periods when multiple asset classes were in crisis by analyzing the ten worst quarterly returns for 21 different asset classes (four equity, four fixed income, five commodity, and eight currency).

What is Crisis Alpha – (RCM’s Attain Alternatives Blog)


Making financial decisions in the face of geopolitical uncertainty can be a scary proposition, so investors need to realize that there are certain things that are out of their control.

How Markets Overcame Past Geopolitical Crises – (Bloomberg)