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25 May 2022

April Mutual Fund Performance

April was the worst month for equities since March 2020, with the S&P down -8.9% month over month. Thankfully there’s bonds to fall back on right? For those living under an igneous formation, the inflation-Fed theme continues to provoke selling in equities and a tightening of credit (pushing bond prices down). As elsewhere reported, this is […]

10 May 2022
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Asset Class Scoreboard: April 2022

Look who’s on TOP !! It’s been a while…so we’ll thank you for the courtesy of a small victory lap. And boy, is this time different. Managed futures typically does well in market crisis periods when all risk assets correlate, sending markets like energies, grains, and metals lower alongside stocks, all with a nice kicker […]

25 Apr 2022

March Mutual Fund Flows

Assets generally flowed into alternative-focused funds in March. The world started to digest the idea that Russia’s war with Ukraine wouldn’t be over quickly. On the home front, the Fed maintained its hawkish tone. While equities prices rose, more money wants to incorporate some kinds of diversification. The mutual funds below reflect that appetite, with […]

20 Apr 2022

Are ESG Factors Redefining Alternative Investments?

ESG is a term every investor should know, especially within the rapidly changing financial world. As different generations grow older, and new investing tactics are being born, people are beginning to invest their money more consciously. For those that aren’t familiar, ESG or Environmental, Social, and Governance investing is a strategy you can use to […]

07 Apr 2022

Hedge Funds vs ETFs, Passive vs Active,70s Inflation vs Now, & Commodities vs CTAs with Simplify’s Mike Green

What exactly does a chief strategist do? Besides picking fights with Bitcoin HODLers on Twitter… And how exactly does one of the most prominent voices on the dangers of too much passive money trying to fit into a single asset classes on/off ramps, end up at….wait for it….an ETF shop? We aim to find out in this episode with Simplify’s Chief Strategist and […]

01 Apr 2022
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Asset Class Scoreboard: March 2022

Wow! There’s quarters… then there’s those quarter-managed futures just put up… while stocks went up in March, mind you. The drivers that big commodity number you see at the top of the table, but also that poor Bonds number you see at the bottom of the table, with managed futures short bonds and loving it […]

31 Mar 2022

Why is intraday trading so hard, Where is the ES liquidity, and When are most market moves happening (overnight), with Deepfield’s CEO, Bastian Bolesta

Who in the right mind would choose to make a living day trading stock index futures? It must be one of the most competitive, most challenging arenas out there with HFT and 10s of billions of dollars in quant strategies chasing alpha. In this week’s episode, we’re chatting up the founder and CEO of short-term […]

24 Mar 2022

The Trillions of Dollars tracking Three Million Indices, with F.T.’s Finance Correspondent, Robin Wigglesworth

Interesting times in the world bring interesting guests to the show. And, there’s no better time than now to sit down with a global finance correspondent, especially with the U.S. unleashing their USD financial war against Russia. Robin Wigglesworth @RobinWigg, a Financial Times journalist, joins us all the way from Oslo, Norway, for a captivating […]

23 Mar 2022

RCM-X Acquired by Trading Technologies

What are you supposed to feel when one of your loved ones graduates college or gets that new job they need to move away for; Proud? Sad? Likely a little bit of both. That’s the emotions we’ve had since last week when it was announced that RCM’s trading technology (small “Ts”) focused affiliate RCM-X was […]