Category: Managed Forex

07 Apr 2011

Good Option when seeking Options Trading Programs

Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting with Scott Sykora (President) and Fernando Anton, Ph.D (Managing Director, Head of Research) of LJM Partners. Their original Neutral S&P Option Premium Program is the longest running S&P option trading strategy we know of in the industry.  Getting their start in July 1998 (starting 2 months prior to […]

11 Apr 2011

Rules for Forex- Attain Style

One of our favorites,  Josh Brown over at Reformed Broker,  ventured into our world a little today with a post echoing what we’ve been saying for quite some time (here and here, for example): AVOID FOREX He points readers to a piece in Barrons over the weekend (Pitfalls of the Currency Casino), which digs into […]

11 Jul 2011

CME Introducing Chinese Yuan Futures

The CME made the Wall Street Journal today (although they are likely in there more than they are not), as they reported on the pending introduction of a Chinese Yuan contract to their offerings. As the article explains, the burgeoning foreign exchange trade makes this move a no-brainer of sorts, and could open the door […]

29 Aug 2011

Yes, the (Forex) Deck IS Stacked Against You

We recently had a user on Twitter ask us our thoughts on forex, and it made us realize we probably have not been repeating our thoughts on the subject frequently enough. So here it is- Don’t do it. Forex is a dark and shady world that we’ve written about on multiple occasions. The regulators are […]

07 Sep 2011

Swing of the Swiss

The Swiss Franc is a fickle mistress. After killing all the shorts (most notably Dighton Capital), she’s now turned her sights on the longs. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again- timing is everything. Check out what happened yesterday: The Swiss Franc ultimately fell 8.7% against the Euro yesterday, as the Swiss National […]

13 Sep 2011

CTA Expo Update: James River, Ronnie Lott and More

The CTA Expo is going on in Chicago this week, and it’s looking pretty well attended. We had a chance to sit in on the presentation from James River, and were excited by what we heard. They’re in the process of launching two new programs, one of which will be commodity-only, with lower minimum investment […]

30 Nov 2011

Central Banks Disperse Happy Pills to the Markets

We knew there would be a bounce after last night’s news. When six separate central banks coordinate an effort to amp up global liquidity, you’re going to see people getting excited. From Forbes: The U.S. Federal Reserve, after a similar effort in September, will “lower the pricing on the existing temporary U.S. dollar liquidity swap arrangements […]

16 May 2012

FX Futures: 40 Years Later

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of FX futures by the CME – a perfect opportunity to reflect on how this market has influenced global finance in general, and managed futures in particular.

09 Jul 2013

PFGBest One Year Later: a Chat with James Koutoulas

There’s no question that after the 1-2 punch of scandals involving PFG and MF Global, the managed futures community toke it upon themselves to advocate for changes. Shortly after the MF Global incident, the Customer Commodity Coalition was formed to conceptualize the frustrations of the customers into visible results. It only seems fitting that on the 1 Year Anniversary of the PFG scandal, we sit down with friend and colleague, James Koutoulas of the CCC and chat.