Category: Why Alternatives?

18 May 2016

Alternative Links: New Chicago Trading Pit

A New Trading Floor in 2016? Options Market Turns to Old Tactic – (Bloomberg) How Should Alternative Investments Be Benchmarked? – (A Wealth of Common Sense) The Future of the Hedge Fund Industry – (A Wealth of Common Sense) Q&A: Roy Niederhoffer – (CTA Intelligence) The Strategy I’ve Heard So Much About – (Michael Melissinos) […]

01 Jun 2016

The Comeback Kid of the 2016 Asset Class Scoreboard

Don’t look now, but the long only Commodity ETF ($GSG) has gone through a 16% swing over the past three months to move all the way up to the top spot on May’s asset class scoreboard. Commodities have gone knocking on death’s door, to establishing a drawdown valley, to leading all asset classes after a […]